Volume 37,Issue 3,2019 Table of Contents

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Special Edition

Research Progress on Main Bioactive Substances and Their Health Benefits of Lychee Pulp
  ZHANG Mingwei, DONG Lihong and ZHANG Ruifen
  2019,37(3):1-12 [Abstract(1098)]  [View PDF 7.25 M (974)]  [HTML]

Expert Forum

Development Situation on Processing Technology and Product Innovation of Edible Mushroom in China
  YANG Wenjian, WANG Liuqing and HU Qiuhui
  2019,37(3):13-18 [Abstract(357)]  [View PDF 4.11 M (279)]  [HTML]
Research Progress on Bioaccumulation of Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, and Arsenic by Edible Mushroom
  ZHUANG Yongliang, XIAO Junjiang, SUN Liping and LI Pengcheng
  2019,37(3):19-32 [Abstract(349)]  [View PDF 7.02 M (308)]  [HTML]

Special Studies

Preparation and Characteristics of Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregates of Alkaline Protease
  OU Xiaoyang, ZENG Yingjie, PENG Fei, NI Zifu, XIONG Jun, ZONG Minhua and LOU Wenyong
  2019,37(3):33-40 [Abstract(248)]  [View PDF 5.91 M (191)]  [HTML]
Optimization of Fermentation Conditions and Immobilization of β-Glucosidase Produced by Recombinant Pichia pastoris
  WANG Fei, WU Jing and CHEN Sheng
  2019,37(3):41-47 [Abstract(251)]  [View PDF 5.56 M (215)]  [HTML]
Properties Analysis and Transformation Ability to Mogroside of β-Glucosidase
  LI Dengke, WANG Xinchi, CHEN Xuejia, LI Jialin, HU Xiaoyan, LU Fuping and LI Yu
  2019,37(3):48-54 [Abstract(281)]  [View PDF 5.91 M (217)]  [HTML]

Foundational Research

Isolation and Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Traditional Royal Cheese
  WU Fengyu, ZHENG Zhe, LI Liu, WU Mengying, YANG Haohuan and YANG Zhennai
  2019,37(3):55-60, 85 [Abstract(251)]  [View PDF 5.68 M (205)]  [HTML]
Gene Cloning, Structural Prediction, and Prokaryotic Expression of Agrobacterium tumefaciens D-Psicose-3-Epimerase
  ZHU Xingxing, YANG Peizhou, DU Mingrui, WU Yun and JIANG Shaotong
  2019,37(3):61-66 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 5.96 M (215)]  [HTML]
Bacterial Community Succession Analysis of Fermented Sturgeon at Different Stages
  ZHAO Feng, LI Xiaoyi, ZHANG Xiaoping, YANG Xing and JIANG Xiaohong
  2019,37(3):67-75 [Abstract(243)]  [View PDF 11.61 M (236)]  [HTML]
Effect of Aging Time on Volatile Aroma Compounds of Apple Brandy
  ZENG Chaozhen, KANG Sanjiang, ZHANG Jihong, ZHANG Fang, ZHANG Haiyan and YUAN Jing
  2019,37(3):76-85 [Abstract(274)]  [View PDF 5.74 M (237)]  [HTML]

Applied Technology

Effect of Aflatoxin B1 Removal by Ultra High Pressure-Assisted Enzyme Treatment on Quality of Rice Bran Polypeptides
  LIN Yiyun, LIN Yaosheng, ZHENG Jiagai, LIN Chen, FU Qiang and LIU Xueming
  2019,37(3):86-92, 110 [Abstract(378)]  [View PDF 5.42 M (248)]  [HTML]
Optimization of Color Soft Tofu Preparation with Combined Coagulants
  SHI Nan, XU Hongwei, CHEN Haiqing, ZHANG Yingying, GUO Kaiyuan, LIU Shuang, DONG Bing, MA Yanli and TAN Jianxin
  2019,37(3):93-99 [Abstract(283)]  [View PDF 4.81 M (244)]  [HTML]
Determination of Residues of Five Carbamate Pesticides in Spinach by QuEChERS Coupled with UPLC-MS/MS
  FENG Wanying, LUO Hao and HUANG Zetao
  2019,37(3):100-104 [Abstract(304)]  [View PDF 3.29 M (259)]  [HTML]

Safety Supervision

Comparison of Domestic and International Regulations for Complementary Foods for Infants and Young Children
  QU Pengfeng, DENG Taotao and HAN Junhua
  2019,37(3):105-110 [Abstract(434)]  [View PDF 3.64 M (275)]  [HTML]